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eBook – DRTV Derailers

How Internet Age Issues Can Turn A Promising DRTV Campaign Into A Train Wreck


Before the Internet, DRTV was easy. Mail orders and phone orders that were easy to track. No web sites. No search. No online competitors.

Today, it’s a different world. “DRTV Derailers” will give you a thorough understanding of 12 key issues that all DRTV advertisers face, and how they impact your campaigns. You’ll learn why these are so important, and how to deal with them effectively, so your DRTV train runs smoothly and efficiently. Sections:

  • Website/Landing Pages
  • Online Shopping Cart
  • Information inconsistency
  • Lack of a Robust Search Program
  • Lack of Accurate Tracking
  • Too Many Distractions
  • Not Using Video Footage Online
  • Customer Acquisition Links Broken
  • Not Addressing “Free Shipping” Issue
  • Ignoring Online Competition
  • No Social Media Presence
  • No YouTube Presence
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