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eBook – Shopping Cart Kill DRTV Campaigns

How Online Shopping Carts Kill DRTV Campaigns and What To Do About It


78% of consumers that visit your web site in response to your infomercial or short-form and place your product in their virtual shopping carts abandon without completing the purchase.

If you currently use DRTV, plan to or are in RFP mode, you’ve got to understand how to proactively and reactively deal with this problem, one which most marketers don’t even realize is happening. Sections include:

  • Scary Statistics
  • Reasons Why Shoppers Abandon Carts
  • Shopping Cart Size and Abandonment Rates
  • Shopping Cart Price Points and Abandonment Rates
  • Six Key Factors When Thinking About Abandonment
  • Reducing Abandonment
  • Abandonment Math: how lowering abandonment impacts DRTV marketers
  • Advanced topics
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