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Our iTrackz technology will prevent you from cancelling profitable DRTV media placements and dramatically enhance the ability to optimize DRTV campaigns.

iTrackz™ Our DRTV-to-web technology gives you the ability to combine phone orders with web orders driven by DRTV to get the truest picture of DRTV effectiveness. In continuous use since 2002, we have tracked over 230 campaigns for over 140 clients.

It’s a special technology because many DRTV media placements are often cancelled because they appear to be unprofitable, but when iTrackz is deployed and tracks offline-to-online activity, many of these placements are actually profitable. It prevents you from cancelling winning placements.
To learn more, contact Linda Chaney, SVP, Business Development:
Phone: 727-576-6630, Ext . 158


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